About The Artist

Carla Hutchinson-Reade in her art development has always sought to use the utilitarian and make it a standout. She also particularly likes to paint portraits, having just finished a work of her five year old daughter. Most of her efforts in her career as a writer, publisher and course coordinator are in a passion to promote the artistic creations of others as she appreciates the motivation found while working in the community of Townsville.

Lily out of Ross River crossection

Recent projects include refurbishing furniture, portraits on canvas, photography - currently the major focus is a piece to be exhibited at the Perc Tucker Regional Art Gallery in the center of Townsville during October. The medium: vinyl reworked from a short-life as corporate banner once hung from tall buildings to a malleable art canvas. The artist uses a scalpel to carve into the supple vinyl and paint to enhance, making the vinyl like lacework, almost natural.